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Gina Mongiello, Life Coach

BA, MA, LMT, Founder of Infinity Wellness LLC 

Gina Mongiello

Life Coach

BA, MA, LMT, Founder of Infinity Wellness LLC 

If you feel the best version of you is ready to emerge, Gina can help.

Gina utilizes the very best of what she’s learned over the years to assist you to live your best self.

Whether your struggling in relationships, trying to find solid ground in an ever changing world, or looking to start a new season of your life, you’ve come to the right place. 

Why? Because if you’re alive and breathing, there’s time for lesser known parts of you to get stage time. A brilliant, yet cautious part of you could be ready to step out from behind the curtain.

Gina is here to help you explore the quiet nudging of your inner voice. Together we explore the possibilities of how you can deepen your play, relax with ease, find partnership, gain insights, initiate projects, walk with faith, and live with adventure.

Gina loves to give tips and techniques that soften the voice of irrational fear and worry. While simultaneously helping you get clear on your next meaningful endeavor. With small focused steps you dance, hop, or sing on the stage of life ready to express the next level of you.

Gina spent decades exploring the many places within herself so she could live authentic, aligned, and with meaning. Instead of feeling closed off by circumstance, she learned how to use it for deep inner exploration, which led her to to deeper, full living. 

Some of the modalities Gina practiced and taught during her thirty year exploration were yoga, meditation, mandala making, self-help, shadow work, feelings work, environmental education, emotional freedom techniques, Myofascial release, holistic health detoxification/rejuvenation, sound healing, and more. 

Along the journey Gina received her BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, and a masters degree from Montclair State University. She also holds a New Jersey license for massage, and is an expert level Myofascial Release practitioner.

She trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques at EFT Universe in 2015, was mentored by Jan Watkins directly, and has been using EFT personally since 2009. 

Gina's trained in Life Coaching by Western Seminary and Blackaby Ministries.

Professionally, she taught environmental education, yoga, and mediation in formal and non-formal educational settings for much of her adult life until she felt called to change direction.

The long and meandering path of exploration taught Gina that the one essential ingredient in life is faith. Efforts without faith bring temporary gain, but the only lasting gain is granted by having, keeping, and leaping in faith. 

A personal re-evaluation of career led Gina to leap into faith. A small quiet voice that had been saying ‘leave’ for years had been silenced while she stayed. This became too much of a cost for Gina to bear. To stay any longer meant giving up the opportunity to leap into faith. What she learned is that faith isn’t a program. It’s an individual experience and a gift for each person. 

This life is short, why let it slip by without checking in with that quiet inner voice. Ask it: what are you whispering today? 

Gina is ready to walk with you as you ask, receive, and discern insights from your quiet inner voice. 

Who knows the riches you’ll find as you listen with intention and walk with care. Each new step develops the skills to live out your talents and gifts, to be more of who you are.

Perhaps in the past you felt you had to get through, get by, make things work. But now, you wonder if the lesser known parts of you are ready to contribute more to your life. 

Exploring these lesser known parts can usher in healing, improve relationships, bring new career ventures, increase the quality of life, create opportunities, settle conflicts, and help establish new levels of understanding. Exploration can lead to new projects, greater service, and can stretch you in good ways. 

Gina loves to encourage, inspire, and support you on the journey. She compassionately meets you where you are. 

We start here, where you are, today. 

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