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Are you Ready to Turn Your Mistakes Into Blessings?

Are you Ready to Turn Your Mistakes Into Blessings?

Are you letting mistakes of the past weigh you down in daily life? Do you have a background feeling of deep regret that you wish you could undue? Wishing you did things 'right' and hadn't made mistakes. 

If your present-day reality is filled with pain and self-punishment over past mistakes know that it is possible to relate differently to the mistakes of the past. It may be time to shift into love, compassion, forgiveness, and conscious action. 

Many try self-forgiveness but fail. They don't feel worthy of love and forgiveness. Rest-assured your past mistakes can be forgiven.  

Imagine the meaning and beauty you could bring to the lives of others by finding a way to turn your mistake into a gift for the world. Yes, your mistakes can be used to make the world a better place.  

Coaching sessions with Gina are a place to: 

  • share openly and honestly without feeling judged or condemned   

  • feel heard and acknowledged in the pain you carry daily   

  • get clear on the differences between consequence and punishment 

  • identify and uproot punishing thoughts and beliefs    

  • learn new ways of self-talk that foster compassion, love, and forgiveness

  • integrate with the lessons of the past  

  • discuss the ways that your mistake can be used to help others 

  • lay plans for how to move forward, free from self-punishment 

  • set actions in place to love and forgive yourself and others more deeply

Life is a precious gift and one that you have creative ability to shape. Even though you cannot change the events of the past, you can change the ways in which these events impact your present and future. 

Your relationship with life, thoughts, and emotions is fluid and moldable. Choose to mold it in a way that helps you and the world. 

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