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New Healthy Habits Can Be Yours

New Healthy Habits Can Be Yours

You want to build healthy habits, you really do, but stress, exhaustion, and daily tasks get in the way. Your intentions are real and good, but they get lost in day-to-day living. 

You know a few people who seem so disciplined. They are able to see their intentions through. It makes you wonder why you can't accomplish the same. 

You can!! You have accomplished a lot in you life. You know what you can do when you put your mind and heart on task. 

Exploring the relationship you have with your daily habits will lead you on a fun adventure. The best part of this exploration is that discipline and motivation will feel natural and will arise as your friends to help you on the journey. 

Coaching sessions with Gina provide a safe space for you to:  

  • establish a baseline of where you are at and where you'd like to be  

  • explore your relationship with food, exercise, and/or other daily habits

  • identify the needs that are and aren't being met by your current habits 

  • discover the freedom of discipline instead of feeling restrained by it 

  • nurture and nourish your relationship with daily habits

  • discover courage, hope, connection, and curiosity around old and new habits 

  • feel inspired, and inspire others 

  • meet new parts of you

  • clearly outline and prioritize what best for you  

  • lay plans and prepare for action

  • reflect, renew, refresh, reorganize until you are in a glorious new relationship with your daily habits

It's natural to want to hold onto habits even when you believe they are hurting you. They can feel comforting and familiar.

There is far greater benefit that comes from exploring your relationship with these habits. In time, you will have the comfort of new healthy habits. Sessions give you a non-judgmental space to explore this relationship in fun and creative ways.  

We can go as fast or as slow as you would like. You set the pace. We determine all of this in session work. 

Our time together will help you to learn, grow, and deepen in your relationship with yourself,  your relationship with your habits, and your relationship with life. 

Would you like to hear more, or share some of your journey?

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