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Does it Feel Like Time is Slipping Away? 

Does it Feel Like Time is Slipping Away? 

You wish for a good partner, a good job, good friends, good health, but something keeps getting in the way. You’re left feeling unhappy, frustrated, anxious, and alone.

You do all you can to make it happen. You stay positive, you dream about it, you walk away from unhealthy situations, and you find the strength to endure. You hold out with a promise for good things. And still, nothing seems to work. 

Time spins faster and you’re getting older. The things you always wanted feel like they are slipping through your fingertips. This can’t be your destiny. You won’t settle for this. 

As the clock ticks on you feel desperate because you know the day is coming when it will be too late. Meanwhile your efforts feel fruitless. You don’t know whether to give up and cry, or try harder and spin faster. 

Want out of this this pattern?

In coaching sessions with Gina you free yourself from the patterns of the past and create a new chosen framework from which to live. Together, we turn the frantic search into an enjoyable walk.

In sessions you: 

  • rest from the running 

  • see clearly

  • understand what the reoccurring patterns are here to show you 

  • recognize and sort through the choices before you  

  • realize the ultimate purpose of your search is not to attain things but to feel whole, special, relieved, purposeful, important, trusted, treasured, loved, celebrated, enjoyed, and appreciated

  • learn how to cultivate these things from within, no longer desperately craving them from the outside world

  • experience how shifting internally creates an external shift 

  • gain fresh insights on how to be an active participant in your life

  • understand and carve out your place in this world 

  • feel surprised and grateful for the aha moments that now frequently come your way

Remember when the search swallowed you up because you thought its fruits would bring you satisfaction, relaxation, peace, connection, and inclusion but instead brought you the opposite? Its' different now. You've released that faulty model and step from awareness and choice.

No longer weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings, you use them to lead you to life's next gift. You see underneath and through the patterns now, they no longer run your life.

Experiencing life from choice instead of patterning, you understand that nothing outside of you can make you happy or unhappy. It's all inside of you. And it's all your choosing.

Accomplished and on track, you live a life that feels intentional and focused. And the best thing is you now feel befriended by all the thoughts and feelings you once feared. Once upon a time they dragged you down, but now you see they were here all along to guide you to your best self.  

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