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Are you Ready for the Relationship You Always Wanted But Never Had?

Are you Ready for the Relationship You Always Wanted But Never Had?

You've likely given all of your relationships your very best. While some have dissolved, others have endured. Some feel like a source of joy, and some pain. Some seem workable and easy. Some seem unmanageable and feel like quicksand or molasses. Some you want to start, and others you'd like to end. 

Why are they all so different? Or are they all the same? Unfulfilling and lacking depth and freshness, or satisfying and full of sparkle?

As much as you try, you can't control your relationships. Rolling with the punches doesn't inspire, encourage, or motivate you. You need something more. You need hope and possibility. A real chance at feeling deeply connected and loved. A way to make a change in your relationships. A loosening of the patterns that keep you feeling stuck. 

In coaching sessions with Gina, you get to:  

  • explore what's lacking when it comes to your love relationships 

  • get specific on what you would like 

  • reflect on how to cultivate, develop, and build a new relationship or update a current one 

  • discover ways to incorporate all you are learning about yourself 

  • learn how to use every challenge as your friend   

  • feel courage, hope, connection, and curiosity about your love relationships and the possibilities

  • expand your vision of yourself, your relationships, and your life

  • clearly outline and prioritize the options ahead of you

  • lay plans and prepare for action

  • review, reflect, restructure, refresh, renew your thoughts, feelings, and actions around relationships 

A lot of people will tell you life is about settling. Not unless you want it to be. 

Standing in the way of deep fulfilling relationships are blindspots, beliefs, habits, and patterns that'll keep you looking in the wrong direction. 

A reorientation will naturally arise out of our sessions together, helping you to see the right direction for you, and walk in this direction too. 


The ideas you have about your ideal relationship(s) are valuable, important, and unique. It's time you stop believing the naysayers who label them pipe dreams, and start trusting the little quiet voice inside that knows and says that your ideal relationship is attainable and achievable. 

You have the ability to shape, stretch, create, and play with your love relationships. Let no more time go by passively accepting what feels bad. Take action today to build or renovate your love relationships. The benefits will surely delight you.  

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