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Have You Lived More Than Half of Your Life, Yet Feel Parts of You Haven’t Lived at All?

Have You Lived More Than Half of Your Life, Yet Feel Parts of You Haven’t Lived at All?

You worked hard, did everything you were supposed to, and now feel it may be time for a new venture. You sense an opening in the path ahead. 

You accomplished many things on a practical level, supported your family, and succeeded with your career. But you wonder about the things that didn't get much care, like feelings, hopes, and distant dreams. You've decided you're ready to make some space for them. 

These things sat at the bottom of the pile, buried inside, patiently waiting for the right time to emerge. Incorporating these lesser knowns parts into daily life fills you with both excitement and fright. 

You want to build a new business, understand your feelings more, deepen your relationships, travel the country, or speak to big or small audiences around the world.  

You want to share what you know, explore what you don't know, spread your wings wider, fly higher, land softer, and feel the air around you in full support. 

Coaching sessions with Gina provide a safe space for you to consider all of these things. In sessions, you:  

  • playfully explore previously tabled dreams and callings  

  • refresh and expand interests that were once important but fell away over the years 

  • light up dark places 

  • meet new parts of you 

  • live from the full version of you instead of from pieces 

  • discover courage, hope, connection, and curiosity about lesser known parts

  • feel inspired, and inspire others 

  • expand your vision of yourself in life

  • clearly outline and prioritize the options ahead 

  • lay plans and prepare for action

Like a developing photograph the picture of you is more fully revealing itself. You use this complete whole vision to explore and map out your next step. Re-discovering all the gifts and talents you’ve been given.

Challenges come, but you see them as opportunities to get to know the under-explored parts of you better. You feel interested and curios about the possibilities each challenge brings because even the least welcome one contains a gift inside. 

Lately you feel like you see with new eyes and feel with new hands. On the outside everything is the same, but something has changed on the inside. This changes your view of life and your role in it. 

Embarking on this new season brings you an excitement you haven’t felt since you were a kid. A new beginning, like when you first started school. Full of potential. Yet now, you also have smarts and lifetime experiences to apply to the potential ahead. You get to shape what's to come in ways you couldn't possibly have done in your earlier days. 

You decide this could be the most playful, adventurous, fulfilling time in life! And through your authentic expression you become a guide post, giving others hope and adventure for their new season too. 

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