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Is There An Area In Life That Could Use Improving?

Are you feeling anxious about this uncertain world, challenging relationships, or hard-to-manage emotions?

Not sure you’re living your best self?

The right tools and techniques, applied with grounded and solid faith, can change everything.

Live clear, authentic, and connected knowing how to use all situations, emotions, and events for good.


Are your relationships real, deep, intimate, honest, and growth promoting? Are they calling out for change, confrontation, deeper authenticity, or dissolution? 


Has your faith been dampened by worldly affairs or deceitful institutions? Let no worldly or personal affair take your faith. Let's get faith back to front and center. Now is the time we need it most. It helps every area of life.


 Is your job or career providing you an opportunity to live your best? Is it a match for your talents and energy levels? Affording you opportunities for challenge, growth, and depth?

  • We Turn Each Stumbling Block Into a Step 

  • You Leave Each Session Seeing the Steps Ahead

  • You Feel Befriended and Encouraged on Your Journey

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    Why Choose Infinity Wellness? 

    Personable Connection

    Gina of Infinity Wellness is committed to personalized service. Your individuality is honored and taken into consideration in all classes and sessions. The space provided is one where you can reflect, grow, and feel lovingly challenged in. All especially designed for you. 

    God Inclusive

    God is as much a part of our sessions as you and I are. We turn to God's word when we need clarification or when we need help with current challenges and/or future goals. 

    Convenient Location

     All sessions and classes are offered over Zoom, conveniently located in the comfort of your own space without any commute time. You'll be surprised at how lifelike sessions and classes feel without ever having to get on the road to drive to a session. This way we can connect from all over the world. 

    Life Coaching Sessions 

    These sessions are an opportunity for partnership where you are heard and asked precise meaningful questions that prompt insights and ideas. No advice or consults, just pure allowance of you being you. As you are provided this space, you see yourself in a new light, one that feels creative, exploratory, and purposeful. What could this approach give you to sort through life's challenges? 

    Faith Work

    Many are struggling with their faith. This can be expected when we look around the world and see division, strife, and mass unrest. Some even feel disillusioned by their faith based institutions. Has God abandoned us? The bible shows us how God uses all things for good, even when they look awful on the surface. Think back to a crisis in your life; chances are good came from it, right? All the bad around us can be used for good by God, and by us with the a faithful heart and mind.

    Emotional Freedom Techniques Sessions

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) is one of the quickest tools for decreasing or eliminating emotional charge around any area that's troubling you. When our emotional charge decreases we can see clearly, gain insight, and strategize effectively about our next steps. Not only has EFT helped millions with emotional charge, but it can lessen pain, change habits, and bring in creative new ideas.  

    You're in the Right Place if:

  •  You like the idea of having a personal coach who sees you as a unique, smart, and capable, or  

  •  You are sometimes overwhelmed by feelings and would like help navigating them without getting lost in them, or

  •  You notice patterns in your life that you'd like to explore and/or shift, or 

  •  You sense you're not yet living in alignment with God's will and would like to explore this more, or

  •   You have a small business or want to start a business, or 

  •  You like the idea of having a coach who encourages you, challenges you, and holds you accountable to what's important for you, or

  •  You'd like to move from point A to point B with your relationships, career, health, or spiritual life, or

  •  You're interested in deepening your relationship with God, or

  •  You like the idea of walking away from sessions with clear and self-selected actionable steps, or

  •  You function well, but feel more robotic than inspired, and would like to live a more inspired life

  • You're in the Wrong Place if:

  •  You are experiencing mental, physical, or emotional symptoms/conditions that require medical attention. If this is so, please seek proper medical care. If you would like prayers, please reach out. I would love to pray for you. 

  • First Time Client Offer

    Free Introduction Zoom Session So We Can.....

    Meet Each Other

    Introduce yourself and get to hear more about Gina and her approach

    Discuss Our Potential

    ....in working together! Options will be given based on what we disucss. 

    See if We Fit

    We won't know until we meet. And then we'll know pretty quickly. 

    I reached out to Gina with a heavy heart. I was stuck in the process of starting my business and I came in feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and loss of clarity.

    Through thoughtful questions, Gina guided me to peel the onion and together with her, I saw my fear. I felt the pain from the past and the self-doubt that were too loud and cloudy for me to connect with my own gifts, abilities, passion and love.

    Gina helped me to hear the loving voice that: I am capable, it’s ok to feel, and the journey I am about to start is truly blessed. I am thankful for the breakthrough, after one session, and I am prepared to face anything my business would bring along.

    Gina is insightful and intuitive; her coaching style is to-the-point, yet gentle and graceful. I feel genuinely more confident and empowered knowing that I have Gina as my coach and business consultant by my side.  

    Hana C.

    More Client Experiences....

    Tara H.

    Gina, is probably one of the most accepting people I have ever experienced. The zoom space always feels very safe and comfortable.

    Antonia S.

    Classes with Gina help me and my family to focus and delve into the Bible to help us stay on our faith walk in this crazy world. Our classes help to put everything into perspective and keep us on course to live our lives with God leading the way. Gina’s delivery is comforting yet powerful. She does not take personal credit. All Glory goes to God.


    Angie A.

    After just one session, I felt lighter, energized and rejuvenated. Gina was able to help me process so much anxiety and move through it, rather than simply ignoring it.  

    Elisa W.

    Thank you so much for these class offerings. I felt more at peace and relaxed after only one session. I find they help change my thinking patterns. You have a gift and I appreciate and value it! 

    Mark G.

    Gina's generous and creative Spirit was a pleasure to be around these past weeks, and beautifully seeded the soil of transformation for me.

    Kristen H.

     These classes are helping me through some really tough times. It’s so helpful to remember that is okay to be feeling what I’m feeling. This helps me in my relationship with myself, others, and most importantly, God. 

    Adrianna B.

    My experience working with Gina has been wonderful so far. I really have been digging into myself and really shedding light on who I am as a person, in the most honest and meaningful way possible. Sessions help me challenge myself and think about life experiences to really grasp a better understanding of who I am and I can better myself from there. Gina really helps me in this process. 

    Andy M.

    My mind was expanded beyond myself in just a few minutes. I am very excited to see what the next four sessions reveal within me!

    Parvati Y.

    This body is grateful for the time I allowed it to rest this past week. All the physical challenges that would have thrown me into a depression and stricken me with self loathing and despair did the opposite. I know I say this a lot and yet it feels like I can’t possibly say it enough, you have changed my vision of myself on so many levels. You have helped me heal me so much. 


  • Get in touch by clicking on the 'book a free intro session' button below 

  • Schedule an intro session where we get to know each other and discuss the possibilities

  • Choose the package that will most benefit you

  • Infinity Wellness Packages


  • (3) 60 minute sessions

  • Meet once per week on zoom 

  • Coaching or Emotional Freedom Techniques Sessions

  • Package price: $345

  • 6-Pack

  • (6) 60 minute sessions

  • Meet once per week on zoom 

  • Coaching or Emotional Freedom Techniques Sessions

  • Package Price: $630


  • 10-Pack

  • (10) 60 minute sessions 

  • Meet once per week on zoom 

  • Coaching or Emotional Freedom Techniques Sessions

  • Package Price: $950

  • I'm happy to discuss packages and pricing with you. 

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    Weekly Classes on Zoom in the


    Reflection Mondays

    On Reflection Mondays we share a current challenge and then sit together to contemplate a specific Bible verse, allowing time for direct connection with most high God and His guidance. Start the week out right, come see. 

    Coaching Tuesdays 

    Coaching Tuesdays is a group coaching class where you will gain clarity, land insights, make a plan, and determine actionable steps all while being loved and supported by the group. Inquire for monthly topics.

    Tapping Wednesdays 

    In Tapping Wednesdays we use Emotional Freedom Techniques to break through sticking points, gain insights, and identify ways to sore in life. EFT is a tool you can use in and out of class. Inquire for monthly topics.  

    Read It Thursdays

    On Read It Thursdays. We read from the Bible with a prayer in for God to show, teach, and reveal to us more about the Word of God and His earthly embodiment as Christ Jesus. The Bible reveals so much about our current world. Come and see!

    • Monday/Thursday classes are complimentary to all

    • Join Small Group Coaching Tuesdays for $97 for four weeks

    • Join Tapping Wednesdays for $97 for six weeks

    • Want to hear more?

    • Let's Talk >>

    Examples of Bible Verses We Reflect On In Monday Classes

    Isaiah 53:8

    But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. 

    Matthew 21:22

    And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.  

     Acts 5:41

    And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his [Jesus] name. 

    Classes and Sessions Where...

    You See Progress

    And you recognize your strengths and weaknesses

    You Receive Support 

    With day to day challenges and goal fulfillment

    Understanding Grows

    As you learn to best navigate the waters of life

    Fear Turns Into Faith

    And you see that fear is the precursor to faith

    You Set Goals

    And achieve them!

    You Are Heard

    Which allows you to hear yourself in new ways!

    Want to Test the Waters?

    ...in a friendly, no obligation, get-to-know-each-other chat? If yes, 

    Let's Talk >>