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Does the Earth Beneath Your Feet Feel Unseady?

Does the Earth Beneath Your Feet Feel Unsteady?

Like you're standing on tumultuous or rocky ground? Unsure of where to step next or how to to plan life ahead...

You do your best to stay focused but you feel nervous, anxious and unsure about your future and where this world is heading. It affects your eating, sleeping, and relationships. 

Your mind spins with thought day and night. You’ve even been snapping at people you love. You don't know how to maintain peace. 

You want to stand on solid ground, but every time you find a foot hold, the ground beneath your feet crumbles.

You wonder, is it possible to stand strong amidst the day to day challenges?

Imagine feeling balanced, rooted, and confident in the world, even though the world around you continues to change. Coaching sessions with Gina are a place where you can: 

  • place stress and anxiousness on the table, so it can be looked at from a new perspective, allowing for all kinds of insights

  • relax into the moment, breathe, and to feel what’s behind the fear 

  • let go of racing thoughts to stay fluid and focused on the moment at hand

  • breathe easy as you get to know yourself beyond the mental chatter 

  • feel situated in the here and now, relaxed in the chair you sit in, realizing there is more to you than your repetitive thoughts 

  • place your feet on solid ground, one that comes from an inner stability 

  • transform worry into a deep trust for life as your teacher

  • cultivate thoughts you do want, instead of being subject to the thoughts you don’t want 

  • plan for tomorrow with calmness and clarity instead of worry and concern 

  • experience the challenges around you as blessings in disguise 

  • feel faith in life again

Remember how you used to get thrown off center when life didn’t go according to what you planned? Now you know and trust that what happens is meant to happen. You are even starting to see the gifts inherent in the challenges that comes your way. 

You still make plans, but built into the plans is that they’re subject to change. Thankfully so, because life has hidden surprises for you, and you are guided lovingly. Your feet are connected to something solid, and this something carries you through. 

The skills you learn serve you in the years to come. You feel more trusting of life, and life events. What used to feel like random chaos now feels orchestrated, purposeful, and intentional. 

Every now and then anxious thoughts creep in, but relief is yours because you know how to catch yourself quick. No more crash and burn. You abide in trust for what is here and for what's to come.

You take action on your insights and remain steady in hopefulness for the future. Your courage sees you through day to day challenges and moments of relaxation appear on the regular. 

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